Dinner party success

Briefly rewinding, so I can document this meal!

When home for Thanksgiving, I had promised a family friend (who is an amazing chef, we’ve done many Thanksgiving dinners at her house) that I’d have her over for dinner. She came over in early January, and I made seven things (with some additional dessert, we served 8 things total). I was nervous, but things came out well.

Many thanks to my mom for helping me hand grate two butternut squash, and to said family friend for arriving early and helping prep, essentially completely making the salad :). Photos and, as available, links to recipes follow…

Prep photo: pretty potatoes!

Porcini mushroom soup

Grapefruit, avocado, and pomegranate seed salad (from Eating Well magazine)

Harvest tart, minus olives (duh), plus goat cheese. I’ve been wanting to make this since it was published earlier this fall!

Lentils and carrots with mint (I wouldn’t have tried this if it wasn’t for a recommendation by a well-trusted source. Unexpectedly delightful!)

Garlicky greens (nbd, and an ugly photo, but always tasty and so good for you)

Brown rice pudding, seasoned with saffron and cardamom (mostly inactive, actually very reminiscent of biko!)

And of course, my pumpkin pie (set properly this time!)

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