Thanksgiving 2011 recap

Success! This year, I’m thankful for counter space, iPad Thai, and some really awesome (read: compliant) sous chefs/professional dishwashers.

The not-so-skinny (but still relatively healthful, I think!): 8 dishes. I apologize for the sad photos; was trying quickly get shots (in suboptimal lighting) before we started eating!

Roasted eggplant soup, garnished with crumbled goat cheese:

Caramelized onion and goat cheese cornbread. Super moist!

Vibrant tasty green beans. Somewhat surprisingly my favorite of the meal; the leeks made this dish:

Sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms:

Golden-crusted brussel sprouts:

Kale and olive oil mashed potatoes:

And, of course, dessert.

Chocolate tie (tart-pie). This in a pie crust. Photo:

SC’s hybrid pumpkin pie, that finally, finally set!! Combined the coconut milk tip from here with this recipe. Special thanks to Yuhki and Sophie for patiently straining the filling through a fine mesh strainer, which resulted in the unreal silky smooth texture. Visual:

:). Happy Thanksgiving!!

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