Hurricane Irene

The hurricane warnings have been rampant for the past couple of days, and I think the worst is over. A few fallen tree branches and some crazy bursts of wind, but things seem fine.  The difficulty in dealing with Irene wasn’t so much the prep (I still have water from the water crisis of April 2010, and food that could feed a family of 6), but riding her out, being stuck at home. And knowing me…

Yes, I pretty much baked and cooked through Irene. To prep, I visited the Farmers Market in Harvard Square on Friday and picked up ingredients to make Alice Waters’ Ratatouille (Chez Panisse is 40!). Chopped and diced veggies all afternoon before FJY (yoga/dancing to techno/house/pop remixes–yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds), then finished up after class (which, by the way, was particularly fantastic this week). A late dinner of ratatouille, sauteed kale, and quinoa with a dollop of chevre:

Saturday morning, I made a batch of steel cut oats, and then baked a raspberry yogurt cake in preparation for extended family visiting and a goodbye dinner for one of my college roommates. Tweaked this raspberry buttermilk cake a bit, and I’m very happy with the result:

Note: the problem with baking a cake before a hurricane is that your plans might fall through, and then no one can come over and help you eat said cake. Thank goodness for roommates and a working freezer.

Since dinner plans were canceled, I then…baked some more. Two batches of granola (have been experimenting lately, just small changes!), and granola bars:

And finally, today. The wait for Irene’s arrival was over, and it was just time to…well, wait until she left. In all honesty, it was quite nice having an excuse to laze around Sunday morning in my pajamas, and I finally(!) opened Sir Mix-A-Lot (Kitchen Aid stand mixer–still can’t believe it’s mine!) and the upgraded food processor (name still TBD!).  It felt like Christmas morning for a 6-year old :). No, I haven’t used either yet; I can only take so much at a time. However, I DID make a simple, tried-and-true banana bread with chocolate chips (no butter no oil!):

It’s chilling in the fridge, and in a bit I’ll slice and stash in the freezer. Lastly, I celebrated the passing of Irene with a tofu scramble, sauteed kale, and diced tomato/avocado. No photo since it kind of looked like a mesh of some of my earlier meals, but it was delicious.

Mmm, cooked and baked out. And now I have food for days, which is great because it’s going to be crazy busy!

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