Mind. Blown.

Turns out curly kale stems are EDIBLE. And quite delightful, I may add. I learned this through one of my more recent food site finds, Food52. Specific post here.

I sauteed some kale with mushrooms garlic to accompany lunch today. Olive oil, then garlic and kale stems, then mushrooms, then kale leaves. Seasoned with coriander, cumin, salt, and pepper. So good!! I’m now sad about all the kale stems I’ve discarded in the past.

Side note: how does anyone NOT like kale? I love it. I always wish I could eat more of it.

Also, I really love the summer. And even though late summer is a bit sad, especially here in Boston, it’s when the farmers markets are at their peaks. It’s incredible seeing the variety of local produce available, and so much fun market hopping throughout the week. I have an affinity for buying baby vegetables:

Photographed with my water bottle to display relative size. The baby heirlooms!! Sigh, why can’t it just be summer all the time.

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